Stress-Busting Speaker Proposal Template Pack

Aurora Gregory
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Create Speaker Proposals Like a Pro

A Road Map For Creating Speaker Proposals That Get You Booked to Speak

“You’re just the speaker we’ve been looking for. Can you send us a proposal?”

The words you’ve been waiting to hear from an event planner are the same words that fill you with stress and anxiety. What the heck goes into a speaker proposal, anyway??

You’ve probably made the mistake of either including too much or too little of the wrong information in a proposal because you just didn’t know what to put in it. I’m here to fix that.

I’m Aurora Gregory and I’m the co-author of the Amazon Best-selling book “Get Picked: Tips, Tricks & Tools for Creating An Irresistible Speaker Proposal.”

Your days of staring at a blank screen, wondering what needs to go in your next proposal are about to end.

I’ve taken all the guess work out writing a great proposal with this template pack. You’ll find everything I’ve used to write hundreds of successful speaker proposals for corporate clients and copies of the exact documents I’ve used to land paid speaking gigs for myself.

These templates and samples will save you time so you can put your energy into showcasing your message and value to your potential audience.

You’ll find prompts throughout each template to guide your writing and formatting directions so you can be confident your proposal looks as good as it reads when you deliver it.

Here’s what you get:

Speaker Proposal Template – A template to create a proposal for a traditional or digital speaking gig – a conference, meeting, or digital event.

Professional Development Template – A template to guide you in writing a proposal for a professional development session in a corporate training environment either live or as a digital event.

Sample/Swipe Copy – A sample of each proposal I’ve used to land paid speaking gigs. Use them as an example of what your proposal should look like when finished or pattern your copy after what I’ve created.

The Stress-Busting Speaker Proposal Template Pack will supercharge your proposal creation. Imagine the time you’ll save and the stress and worry you won’t have to deal with over how to create the perfect response for the next proposal request you get.

You’ll use these templates to pitch all of your prospects. This small investment will get you on your way to writing stronger, more compelling proposals that will lead to more gigs. The better the proposal, the greater your chances of getting picked to speak.

Here’s to you landing your next podium,

Aurora Gregory

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Stress-Busting Speaker Proposal Template Pack

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